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Project: Delftse Poort - Rotterdam - November 2014 - Maart 2015


Opdrachtgever: CBRE Global Investors


Opdracht: Invulling begande grond met typisch Rotterdamse ondernemers, invulling; NAN Suits, Granny's Finest, Mudley Barbershop



A Different Kind of Traffic, Surprise and a Smile


Like some strange magical power, Retail / PopUps can transform any part of city into a hotspot, practically overnight


Rotterdam’s Delftse Poort, where two hip Rotterdam companies have just settled down, instantly bringing a buzz to a previously rather business-like 60.000 sqm building complex. NAN Suits, one of two new tenants, offers a hand-picked selection of women’s business attire, mixed up with some design-your-own, tailored pieces from its home label NAN. 

Granny’s Finest Shop is a community center where older people come together to knit
The second concept for the building is just as unique. Have you ever heard of a company hiring mostly over 65 year-olds, letting them knit chic designer scarves and then make customers send a postcard to the elderly on purchase? Incredible yet true – Granny’s Finest were looking for a place to set up their web shop and photo studio for a period of two years, promoting their high-quality handcrafted goods, while combating social problems like elder loneliness.


A nice concept to make everyone smile again
 Caroline de Jager (Go—PopUp) matched the two Rotterdam based firms to the new Delftse Poort building, adding real value to the location. 


Caroline explains: “We wanted concepts which would bring a different kind of traffic, surprise and a smile!” The Delfste Poort inhabitants are very pleased with the new temporary concepts. As a special treat for the opening week, de Jager arranged a pop up Barbershop. The guys of Mudly’s Barbershop happened to be looking for new customers and were happy to test out the surrounding by opening shop in an unusual location. normally going to their offices, could jump into the Barber Mobile and get a nice haircut. 


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